What's New

Emcore Provides .05 to 60 GHz RF Over Fiber Transport

Emcore's NEW 60 GHz RF Over Fiber Transport solution provides un-surpassed microwave performance (SFDR-NF-IP3) over 60GHz of useable bandwidth.  Rack mounted Optiva TX/RX modules along with stand alone versions are available. The broad bandwidth of the TX/RX makes it ideal to construct transparent...Read more

FormFactor - Summit 200

The new Cascade SUMMIT200 advanced probing system, is essential for collecting high accuracy measurement data as fast as possible. Designed for R&D and device characterization/modelling applications, the SUMMIT200 enables precision electrical measurements over temperature for DC, RF, mmW and...Read more

FormFactor - RF Genius

Now you can have high performance, on-wafer S-parameter measurements at an affordable price, in a system that’s easy to purchase and doesn’t take up a lot of lab space. Introducing the New RFgenius S-Parameter educational kits; an entry level probing solution for universities and schools that...Read more

TIMES MW - NEW Clarity Series 40 GHz Test Cables

Times Microwave introduces its new Clarity Series of 18, 26.5 and 40 GHz coax test cables. Clarity boasts steel torque, crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance – while not compromising flexibility. The cable is ultra-stable through 40 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation. The...Read more

LARK RF Technology Provides LCP Technologies

  A revolution in high speed interconnect technologies is generating breakthroughs in multiple fields.  Lark RF Technology is leading the commercialization of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP).  Benefits of LCP technology provides solutions beyond 40 GHz and 400 Gb high speed digital transport. ...Read more

Think RF Introduces Software Defined Spectrum Analysis Tools

ThinkRF is the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms that monitor, detect and analyze complex waveforms in today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape. ThinkRF, and its application ecosystem, helps RF Application Developers, RF Engineers, Monitoring Program Managers, and Chief...Read more